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Since 1997, when SEC Communications introduced Video Conferencing Solutions in India, SECCOM has been a leading AV and Networking Systems Integrator and Solutions Provider.

Customers trust SEC Communications for Technology Leading, High Quality and Cost-Effective Video Conferencing, Video Surveillance, Integrated Building Management, Unified Communications, Audio Visual, Networking & Security, Data Centre & IT and IT Infrastructure and Management Services.

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

SECCOM advanced video conferencing solutions make your virtual meetings productive, seamless and fun. Our solutions allow your teams to talk, share files and screens or even whiteboard ideas. We simplify conference calling and messaging across different devices. We help you build your hybrid and virtual events the way you want with our comprehensive range of solutions.

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

SECCOM provides integrated and customized solutions for surveillance and security by delivering video surveillance networks with a holistic approach. We are experts in all security items from associate cameras to video servers and we offer modern arrangements that guarantee no recording is lost.

We protect your business.

Integrated Building Management Systems IBMS


SECCOM provides Integrated Building Management System (IBMS) to manage infrastructure related to various subsystems like HVAC control, DG management, lights, water management and ensure they don't work in silos.

We deliver modern solutions that can unite all the operations and analytics so as to deliver smarter facilities management.

Unified Communications

Unified Communications

Today organizations work in a very dynamic environment requiring smarter communication solutions, flexible device usage and round-the-clock connectivity.  Mobility and collaboration are the major characteristics of business.  Unified Communication is key to having consistent experiences regardless of  location.


SECCOM provides flexible, resilient, and customizable Unified Communication Solutions.  We integrate and optimize all the interactions within an enterprise, so as to improve the collaboration and productivity of the teams and help sales prospects, vendors, and customers to engage seamlessly.

Audio Visual

Audio Visual

The innovations and changes in technology have entirely changed the way people communicate. Immersive audio visual experiences drive value for organizations. It changes the way people work, learn, collaborate, build and deliver.


At SECCOM, we build compelling experiences for both virtual and in-person events. We help organizations create high definition and immersive AV solutions that engage audiences in new ways. We can help you leave a long-lasting impression and create better experiences for employees, customers and stakeholders.


Networking and Security

Networking and Security

When the network becomes the epicenter of a digital business, network and network security becomes a crucial aspect,

SECCOM provides next-generation networks and real-time threat intelligence through our state-of-the-art solutions.  

SECCOM partners with all leading OEMs to provide wired, wireless, LAN, and WAN solutions. We also harness the power of the best tools, supported by sophisticated systems and platforms that create threat intelligence and detect, analyze and protect against emerging threats.

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