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SECCOM provides integrated and customized solutions for surveillance and security by delivering video surveillance networks with a more holistic approach. We are experts in all security items from associate cameras to video servers and we offer modern arrangements that guarantee 'No Recording Is Lost.'


Technological development has led to more efficient ways of managing, recording and storage. And your video observation framework is just pretty much as secure as the organization that associates the parts as a whole. We provide small and large business owners with access to immensely powerful surveillance solutions at relatively affordable prices.


Our Leading Partners 

SECCOM partner's with all leading Video Surveillance technology platforms like HikVision, Panasonic CCTV, Bosch Sony CCTV, Pelco Schneider, Axis, Genetec, Honeywell, Bosch, Commscope Tyco, HID, IDCUBE, and APC Schneider.


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Premise Security

When secured and safe premises are a top priority today, you must protect your system with an integrated video surveillance solution. SECCOM ensures right security for your premises. We help control network video surveillance cameras, intrusion detection, maintenance, and service contracts, including alarm systems and access control for visitor management, using server integration and vape detection.


Campus Security

Campuses deal with multiple intricacies and nuisances with respect to security. Therefore, a video surveillance framework is a must to oversee the different offices that involve an average ground local area. From dorms and libraries to sports buildings and rambling understudy grounds, there's a great deal to take care of. SECCOM's video surveillance solutions guarantee the wellbeing of students, faculty and facilities on campus.


High-Value Asset Security

Undertakings in retail, banking, medical services, air terminals, and other HVA businesses require technologically advanced security systems as an answer to safeguarding high-worth resources. HVAs incorporate costly gems, mechanized teller machines (ATMs), cash on-premises, vaults, wellbeing store boxes, expensive clinical hardware, and even police headquarters. At SECCOM, we provide cost effective video surveillance solutions that take care of all these concerns through various layers of safety and observation innovation, including sensor discovery or checking.


Homeland Security 

SECCOM’s automatic video surveillance advances the capacity of naturally identifying security episodes. Our video surveillance solutions enhance the security automation system by undermining occasions occurring inside the lookout of the cameras. These advancements can be utilized for reconnaissance and edge interruption location activities. Our solutions are packed with powerful integration capabilities so as to achieve true intelligent security management for homeland security. 


Traffic management 

SECCOM’s video surveillance solutions enable cities to work smarter. With constantly evolving and changing cities, the number of surveillance video cameras required at public places have drastically increased. This has resulted in an increase in automated analysis of video contents and traffic video surveillance. At SECCOM, we inspire and provide authorities with advanced solutions that shape cities today and in the future.


Safe City 

Crime, vandalism, and terrorism have led many cities to look at video surveillance solutions seriously. At SECCOM, we provide video surveillance solutions that ensure immediate situational awareness in any environment. Let SECCOM video surveillance solutions help make our cities free from crimes.