Every building needs to manage infrastructure related subsystems, including HVAC control, DG management, lights, water management and so on, which works in silos. But some buildings fail to achieve optimization because of the lack of synchronization in sequencing, equipment failures, increased complexity, lack of management visibility and even silos between systems.


To ensure a comfortable living, security, safety and optimized resource usage, SECCOM provides Integrated Building Management System (IBMS). We deliver solutions that can unite all the operations, maintenance, asset & work order management and analytics so as to deliver smarter facilities management.


● Optimize Energy Use, Costs And More

● Improve Reliability And Reduce Downtime Risk

● Improve Response Time And Protect Assets

● Reduce Time To Market

Our Partners

We simplify the process of Building Management System and provide you full visibility and control of your system. We ensure critical area reporting and scalability across the complete building management system.


SECCOM partner's with all leading Integrated Building Management technology platforms like HikVision, Panasonic CCTV, Bosch Sony CCTV, Pelco Schneider, Axis, Genetec, Honeywell, Bosch, Commscope Tyco, HID, IDCUBE and APC Schneider. Our solutions enable various subsystems to communicate, establish the optimal use of resources and regulate building facilities. 

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Access Control

At SECCOM, we make it possible to integrate the access control system seamlessly with CCTV, fire alarm, intruder alarm and employee’s time and attendance systems. From smart cards cum readers to face recognition, biometric identification and methodology, we ensure hands free, mobile-enabled and easy integration through our solutions.  These Modern Access Control Systems help protect people and assets by controlling access to work areas through smart systems and provides access to only legitimate visitors, along with recording their movements.


Safety Systems 

When it comes to controlling a building’s facilities, mechanical, and electrical equipment for safety, comfort and efficiency, SECCOM is known for simplifying operations for smarter buildings. Our Integrated Building Management System solutions help control, monitor, and optimize a building’s mechanical and electrical equipment including ventilation, power systems, lighting, fire systems, and security systems. We ensure safety and safeguard humans and equipment including park elevators, open access doors, activate pressurization and exhaust fans and safe control of HVAC equipment through our advanced BMS solutions.


Security Command Centers 

When it comes to cyber threats, organizations cannot always predict when one will occur, but they can prepare for the worst to come. At SECCOM, we provide advanced Integrated Building Management System solutions that can help organisations automate all the major aspects of handling their security command center and assist in making data-based decisions for any eventuality. Our solutions support integration of multiple data sources, content interactivity, and collaboration regardless of your team's physical location.


ELV & HVAC Control Systems 

SECCOM’s Integrated BMS for ELV & HVAC Control Systems helps optimize room and environmental conditions for building users, allowing them to enjoy extremely comfortable operating conditions, right from the management station to the operating equipment. Our solutions enhance the security of building users and assets through predefined scenarios and automation, especially in the event of danger, thus avoiding outages, lowering overall operating & energy costs and making the building more productive.