Organisations and workplaces have completely metamorphosed over the past few years. The innovations and changes in technology have entirely changed the way people communicate. Immersive audio visual experiences drive value for organisations. It changes the way people work, learn, collaborate, build and deliver.


Hybrid models are here to stay and we should build compelling experiences for both virtual and in-person events. At SECCOM, we help organisations create audio-visual solutions that have the capability to engage audiences in new ways. We deliver high definition & immersive audio and visual solutions that can help organisations leave a long-lasting impression and create better experiences.


Our Partners

We have partnered with some of the leading audio-visual technology platforms including, Cisco, Avaya, Poly, Lifesize, Grandstream, Logitech, Sangoma, LG, Sony, Panasonic Display, Samsung, Crestron, Extron, Kramer, Christie, Jabra, Barco, Lightware, Harman, Bose, Dalite, Plantronics, Atlona, Newline, Vadio, Clearone, Audio Technica, QSE and ZPE to name a few.


Our suite of solutions captures, orchestrates, and delivers immersive experiences, right from the beginning till the end. These solutions are engineered to work seamlessly together or integrate easily with the existing audio-visual equipment, state-of-the-art technology and best-in-class expertise.


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Display Solutions

Whether office campuses, airports or public spaces, communication is the key to attract audiences and high-quality display solutions can offer maximum flexibility, while better connecting the environment in both indoor and outdoor spaces. SECCOM provides high-end display solutions to enterprises that can give them the ability to better deliver engaging content and drive sales. We offer a portfolio of high-definition products and services and provide end-to-end support, right from delivering the unmatched product, accessories and content management to installation, logistics and warranty.


Smart City Command Centres

Whether for pulling in real-time data, or tracking systems across geographies, smart city command and control centres are mission critical spaces, which cannot withstand a failure that can pose an existential threat. Therefore, it is crucial to have high-definition audio visual products integrated that can help improve the workflow and operation processes. SECCOM provides state-of-the-art audio visual solutions designed for 24/7 environments so that a wide variety of information can be made available to the operators and engineers, with ease.


Collaboration Spaces

Since the way we work is changing at a rapid pace, there is a huge demand for organisations to modernise their meeting spaces, conference halls, training rooms and breakout rooms. They need to set the foundation for optimum communication and high productivity, which is only possible through state-of-the-art audio-visual solutions. At SECCOM, we drive successful collaboration, presentation and communication solutions for enterprises with our high definition & immersive audio and visual solutions. We hold exceptional relationships with our technology partners and ensure seamless meeting experiences for different user needs.


Mass Engagement

Sports fans, movie buffs and those who constantly attend live events always want to be completely immersed in the action. Such an audience loves to experience all the thrills right from the time they enter the venue until they leave. High definition & immersive audio and visual solutions make this level of excitement possible, and SECCOM has the expertise to deliver the best in the market. We deliver fully customised audiovisual solutions for arenas, theatres, auditoriums and even cultural complexes. We use the best technology to grab the attention of audiences and give them an experience that is a world apart.


Convention Centers

We live in a highly connected wireless world, where people always want to stay informed and entertained, no matter the occasion, a meeting, a conference or get togethers. And projecting the right image and creating the appropriate ambiance in a convention center is very essential to retain the plugged-in audience. At SECCOM, we help transform the customer experience with a uniquely immersive environment, tailored as per your business needs. We deliver high definition & experiential solutions that can take your space to the next level.


Broadcast and Media

Whether broadcasting sports highlights, headlines or weather reports, broadcast & media studios need to communicate an enormous amount of information to huge numbers of audiences, no matter where they are positioned. Similarly, in large venues like, auditoriums and stock markets, when people should be communicated with authority, powerful digital environments with impactful visual elements can be the solution. At SECCOM, we provide highly sophisticated & fully customized broadcast AV systems, which makes us the ideal partner for any organization looking to create the ideal studio or other type of large-scale venue.


Digital Classrooms

Today, the students are growing up in a connected world and the way they interact inside and outside of the classroom has changed dramatically. Schools and colleges need to be at the forefront of innovation and adapt to the expectations of the new generation. At SECCOM, we enable dynamic connectivity through our avant-garde audio visual solutions that keep the students engaged and simplify the way teachers educate them. We aim at preparing educational institutions for today’s brightest students and providing them a better overall learning experience with cutting-edge classroom technology and enhanced digital capabilities.