When the network becomes the epicentre of a digital business, networking and network security becomes crucial. Organisations need to have a secure, highly global network,

that allows optimization of network traffic flow, is well protected and meets your specific business needs.


At SECCOM, we aim at providing threat protection and real-time threat intelligence through our state-of-the-art solutions. Our aim is superior performance with high availability. We future-proof your network to maximize your return on investment. We harness the power of the best tools, supported by sophisticated systems and platforms that create threat intelligence and detect, analyse and protect against emerging threats.


Our Partners

We have partnered with some of the leading networking & security platforms including, Fortinet, Palo Alto, Cisco, Avaya, Commscope Tyco, HID, IDCUBE, APC Schneider, Juniper, HP E, Edgecore, Arista, D Link, Netgear, Extreme, Commscope, Molex, Beldin, Stackup, RIT, PaloAlto, Microfocus, Secure IT, Fortinet & ZPE.


From protecting your network to driving ever higher capacities over the most demanding networks and reducing exposure to advanced malware and expanding the boundaries, we focus on providing solutions that intelligently recognize unknown threats and adapt to prevent them in real time, so that you can make more informed decisions.


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Passive Networking Infrastructure

Structured cabling is the essential infrastructure that underpins the IT system of any business. With more and more devices getting connected to networks everyday, it is crucial for networks to handle massive amounts of data seamlessly, which is only possible through passive infrastructure. SECCOM provides leading passive networking infrastructure solutions involving high quality components from leading manufacturers.

We have an extensive track record and tried & tested operational capabilities to provide end-to-end solutions, that are designed for flexibility & high performance.


Campus Infrastructure

With ever changing technology demands, campuses are looking for solutions that can bring speed and agility to apps and data, be it on-premise or off -premise data centers, on wireless infra, LAN, WAN, cloud or in hybrid models. The new generation prefers to work in an open operating environment, which makes them the first target of any malicious activity. SECCOM provides a versatile suite of solutions that are designed to accelerate the  adoption of mobile and IoT initiatives and separate the business from the crowd. We offer solutions that can share real-time contextual information about the network state and enable programmability of the network infrastructure.


Smart City Networks

Smart cities are synonymous to digital cities, that are intelligent, wired cities, hybrid and information rich, which is possible when they leverage a lot of IoT devices and data analytics to manage assets and improve the quality of public services. This makes network security a crucial aspect to have efficient networking and communication protocols in place and necessary coordination and control of various system components can happen. SECCOM provides the most flexible solutions for smart city networks, which are Instrumented, Interconnected & Intelligent. We aim at protecting the sensitive data at rest, in storage and in transit. We provide streamlined solutions that can integrate smoothly with the existing applications to help municipalities, enterprises, and citizens make better decisions to improve the quality of life.


Cloud Architecture and Provisioning

In today’s ever-evolving technology rich environment, more and more companies are using data centres (on-premise and off-premise) and cloud applications as a part of their daily workflows. Provisioning and Deprovisioning the users in all appropriate apps is a small piece in a big puzzle, but needs to be automated, along with reducing the possible security risks. SECCOM provides end-to-end Cloud Architecture and Provisioning solutions to enterprises that help improve scalability, save time, reduce costs and facilitate growth. We ensure a consistent user experience with our solutions for all supported apps, including unified reporting, full user life cycle, audit logs, granular event tracking and so much more. Our Cloud Architecture and Provisioning solutions facilitate IT growth and overall infrastructure.


Network Security

Complying with security regulations and securing digital assets is a very crucial aspect. But it doesn’t need to be a challenging part of securing your network. SECCOM provides leading edge network security solutions, allowing you to see everything on the network and controlling network access. We provide solutions that support the SSO (Single Sign-On) & AAA framework (Authorization Authentication Accounting) to intelligently control access to computer resources, enforce policies and audit usage. We aim at enabling secure access, protecting users and applications, and controlling data from anywhere.


Network Security Management Solutions

Today, networks are scaling across wireless, wired and virtual IT environments, which makes network management an increasingly crucial aspect for enterprises. SECCOM provides effective, secure and affordable network security management solutions for both on-premise and cloud. We provide solutions that address multiple challenges by converging modern networking technologies with AI-powered security across all edges to protect organisations from wide threat landscapes. We bring to use protocols like Socket Secure (SOCKS) to facilitate communication with servers through firewalls, evade internet blocks and make faster & reliable connections.