Today organisations work in a very dynamic environment, where smarter communication solutions, flexible device usage, and round-the-clock connectivity is the need of the hour for a mobile workforce. With mobility and collaboration as the major characteristics of business communications, Unified Communication is the key to having consistent in-office experience for employees, no matter whether they are working from home or are on the move.


SECCOM provides flexible, resilient, and customisable Unified Communication Solutions that empowers enterprises to easily extend their reach to the employees. Our solutions aim at reducing the number of independent tools, platforms, and solutions your employees need to communicate. We integrate and optimize all the interactions within an enterprise, so as to improve the collaboration and productivity of the teams and help sales prospects, vendors, and customers to engage seamlessly.


Our Partners

At SECCOM, we deliver mission-critical connectivity and innovative voice, video and collaboration applications on all devices through our partnership with leading Unified Communication platforms including Cisco, Avaya and Poly. Our versatile solutions overcome communication device barriers, geographical barriers and user-accessibility concerns to enhance customer convenience and business productivity.


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Communication Devices and Appliances

At SECCOM, we believe that only using the right device can create an experience that matters and therefore, we offer innovative and standard based, new mobility opportunities and easy-to-use communication devices that are flexible, intelligent and mobile. From analog to digital, wireless devices and IP telephones, we cover the whole spectrum to meet your company’s unique needs.


Conferencing Systems

If you want to give your employees and customers better experiences everywhere they look, then SECCOM’s Conferencing Systems are your one-stop solution. We assure better outcomes faster than ever. We power all our solutions with immersive cloud collaboration, on-premise solutions, any-device freedom, and so much more. Our goal is to break down barriers and eliminate silos with our conferencing systems so that we can create more ways for everyone to collaborate and help them make decisions faster by keeping everyone connected.


Contact Center Solutions

Faster, easier and smarter communication is the key to empowering your business and to achieve this, you need state-of-the-art call center solutions. At SECCOM, we provide the widest range of call center solutions to help businesses improve their operational efficiency and focus on optimizing costs. Our robust and scalable solutions help manage all inbound & outbound communication through chat, voice, email, video and so much more. We aim at enhancing agents’ productivity, boosting efficiency & gaining real-time insights with an intuitive interface. Because we know great customer experiences begin with the right call center.


Emergency Response Systems

During an emergency like floods, hurricane or earthquake, people desperately require a means of communication to get connected to their family and friends, but with cell towers being down, this becomes a challenge. SECCOM provides advanced Emergency Response Systems & solutions that can be utilized in such situations to help people communicate by creating opportunistic networks. We aim at helping people in the affected areas by providing them connectivity through our smart solutions.


Integrated Command Control Center

SECCOM’s advanced solutions for Integrated Command Control Center is a next gen solution that helps establish an intensive framework for smart cities so that data input from different functional departments like transport, fire, police, meteorology or e-governance can be integrated and investigated on a single platform. Our solutions help build aggregated city-level information that can be converted into actionable intelligence for various components envisaged under Smart City.


BYOD and Mobility Solutions

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is an increasingly popular strategy for both large and small enterprises. It not only empowers people to use their personal smartphones, laptops and tablets to access enterprise data from anywhere, but also decreases the upfront cost for the organisations. However, to maintain security, enterprises must balance restrictions on sensitive data. SECCOM provides versatile BYOD and Mobility Solutions, wherein a validated BYOD architecture is deployed which helps streamline and automate location-aware, policy-driven access for the employees. Our goal is to ensure that your employees can connect to the office at any time, from anywhere and inspire change in the workplace.